"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

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My Favorite Albums of All-Time

Who Is Nicki Minaj?

The success of Nicki Minaj is her appeal both in dizzy sonic and visual pieces, as well as her appeal to the rebels and the bourgeoisie.
She knows her pop but she’s also from the streets so you know she packs the punches.
It’s no stranger that I love artistes that mix it up and encompass a little something for everybody.

So far, no one’s made a real Nicki Minaj megamix.
Mainly cause the acapella tracks are hard to find, and putting together a rap megamix is almost unheard of.
I stepped up.

At The Edge of Someone Like You

I’m 21 years old now.
This is my most favorite mashup I’ve ever put together.
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Adele – Someone Like You
Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory
Lykke Li – Tonight
Pitbull, Ne-Yo & Nayer – Give Me Everything
Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me
Beyonce – Run The World

My First Music Video

Directed by Joshua Gez
Produced by Sean Ho Wei Qing
Camerawork by Joshua Gez, Ian Koh, Ian Arvin Weerasekera
Edited by Joshua Simon
Performed by Zef Ling, Rachel Low, Daryl Sin, Brigette Juliet Hoo
Supported by Blackmarket Singapore, Supperclub, Silk Club
Special Thanks to Tony Kern, Raudha Raily, Jeri Soh, Gerald Ho, Nikki & Grace, Ivan & Naresh and Nesrine & Latifa

Introduction: Bad Romance/Alejandro (Piano Version)
Song: Born This Way/Bad Romance (Rock Version)
Interlude: Aerodynamic
Song: Abracadabra/Telephone, 4 Minutes/Poker Face
Interlude: Uncovered
Song: Tik Tok/Telephone/Boom Boom Pow/I Gotta Feeling

This video came to life with the resources and efforts from our pockets and hearts, I hope it entertains you and gets you out of your seat to go make one of your own too.

Share this crazy video and let’s take this lollipop of a globe by storm.

God Is In The Remix

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s the first ever HILLSONG MEGAMIX.
I really hope it doesn’t cause any controversy whatsoever with the theological musical differences and preferences of churches and their worship styles. I just wanted to…build a little bridge across both worlds. To experiment, have a spiritual connection even with the pop music that I love. I definitely think it’s possible. So let me know what you think.

You dont have to be Christian to appreciate this mashup. If singers and rappers can raise Satan, I can call on the Jesus anytime I wanna.

Happy Christmas everyone, this ultimately, is my birthday gift to lil Jesus. A big God. Who loves pop music too.

“God Is In The Remix” – The Hillsong Megamix
Performed by Joshua Simon

Usher – OMG
Hillsong – Tell The World
Hillsong – Take It All
Hillsong – I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Hillsong – Savior King
Hillsong – One Way
Hillsong – Break Free
Hillsong – What The World Will Never Take
Hillsong – Hosanna
Hillsong – Mighty To Save

Download Mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ytcb8vc7e17a24o

Teenage Dreamboy

This is my newest mashup, ‘Teenage Dreamboy‘.
Are you in love?

Eminem & Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream
Rihanna – Rude Boy
Nelly – Just A Dream
Nicki Minaj – Your Love
Taio Cruz – Dynamite
Bruno Mars – Count On Me

Download Mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?b22vc27pw2nxw10

The Joshua Simon Album

I’ve been writing on my acoustic album for about 2 years now.
It was supposed to be 10 original tracks all mellowed down raw and simple for easy-listening.
Ever since I hooked up with my producer, the very talented Shorya Sharma, we’ve been working on dance music.
Really really good dance music.
The kinda dance music that was set out to make dance crews all around the world go crazy with choreography.
The kinda dance music that once played by a DJ in a club, girls will squeal and guys will get ready to drop some moves.
The kinda dance music that inspired me to smile and moonwalk instead of merewalking.
The kinda dance music that we so badly need now.
I’ve scrapped the acoustic album idea, and we’re now making the ultimate…album.
15 tracks now, with the original acoustic songs morphed into pop engineered tracks.
The album will be the most diverse piece of pop material you’ll ever hear.
Just like my taste in music, it will have rock influences, trip pop influences, hip hop & R&B influences, electronica influences, rap influences, new age influences, chamber music influences, world music influences, a whole ton of entertainment references…this will be the ultimate pop record.
And we’re making all this happen in a small district in Bukit Panjang, Singapore.

My producer lives across my house, the recording studio is in his room.
My manager lives behind my house, so he moderates the sessions.
My bestfriends contour my house, so they’re my critics.
My inspiration is in my house.
Give me sometime, and I will change this world.
Give me sometime and I will open the door for musicians in Asia, more importantly, Singapore.

Why not just go overseas Joshua?
Because I’ve got some unfinished business with Singapore.
I’m not gonna just leave and let the future generations of kids like me amount to nothing.
I fought and fight hard everyday against the ‘you cant make it’ demons from our own Singaporeans and their mindsets.
I’m not gonna leave Singapore till some doors are broken and nailed to the concrete.

If you can’t wait for the album.
Know that I’ve waited years for it too.
June 2011
You’ll remember this blogpost.