"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

Not Another Nightmare

The airconditioner was on and I hit the floor with my pillow all ready for a little nap. I had slept that same spot over and over for months and I could always fall asleep real easy there.
Today… that did not happen.
I tossed and turned for an hour trying to get to sleep and I just couldn’t.
I just had this underlying fear of… something in the room, I don’t know how to explain it. But I really wanted someone around.
So I called 2 of my friends in and they slept a few feet from me.

I sank into a thought midway through my sleep.
Someone had closed the door to the classroom and, I was pulled across the room into a corner of darkness.
Now I said ‘thought’ and not dream because, it felt like the entire sequence happened in a second.
And I still felt like I hadn’t fallen asleep yet.
The room had gotten colder, so I tuck my arms into my shirt, making it feel like a snug sleeping bag.

An hour passed and I woke up… feeling like there was a very tall presence learing at me from behind my head.
I froze, shut my eyes and saw a pair of eyes form in my head.
I turned my head to the door to see it…shut. someone had indeed now shut the door.
I called out to my friends but instead of a sound, I was croaking. My vocal chords were almost crushed and nothing came out.
I gasped and tried harder and harder. Nothing.
I struggled to move but my arms were trapped in my shirt.
I tried one last time. I enunciated a groan, out hoping that it would form the name of my friend.

A faint but familiar laugh traveled into the room.
The door was open now, but no one was there.
I called out. My voice was back.
I ran over to see my friends in the other room, playing a computer game.

“Seriously you guys I was calling you didn’t you hear me?”

I was not happy. Even as I stood right infront of them, their attention was still on Metal Slug 5.
I tried telling them what happened but they just brushed it off. No one believed me.
I spoke to someone else and he said it’s this thing called Sleep Paralysis.
It leaves you half-asleep, half-conscious.

Maybe it was sleep paralysis. Maybe it was something else.
I don’t know but… surprisingly I remember not being as freaked out as I’d be in say, a horror movie.
I felt calm when it happened. And just focused on getting help.
Has this ever happen to you?
What do you guys think?


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