"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

‘It Gets Better’ continues with Me & U

I was bullied alot.. alot alot when I was a kid. I would wake up at 5 in the morning to puke, sometimes I’d jam my wrist to my nose, to get me to start sneezing so I’d be able to skip school. Just for another day away from the bullies at my school. I was boo-ed off stage in secondary school. I was laughed at on stage in primary school. ..That shit stays with you. Even till today, just today I got laughed at, people talk about me maliciously, they do that.

People ask me why I’m so open about what I go through… listen I’m no superstar but I’m fuckin’ proud of who I am and where I believe I’m gonna go. and I really truly believe that I’m a fuckin’ awesome human. I’ve got a purpose in life and I’ll never ever ever stop till I get there.

it gets better.


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