"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

Pink Dottydot

Singapore’s notoriety in being a mere red dot on the world map, spurred the homosocial alter-ego, held at Hong Lim Park, Clarke Quay. Pink Dot is Singapore’s very own gay pride. I’m guessing it was a parade at first, but due to the lack of landspace, and overload of testosterone love, everyone just ended up squishing together to form one gigantic Pink Dot.

After weeks of convincing my closeted boyfriend to go for this, he finally gave in an hour before the event. We canceled our Hangover II tickets and darted to the streets, lookin’ for anything pink. Avoiding the bad feeling that I kinda overspent out of the adrenaline and impulse, but I reckon I did good, settling for a 35 dollar shirt over a 90 dollar undiscounted jacket I loved (which according to my BF, was hideous or something). He usually never wears pink (who does really) but ended up really rocking his sleeveless and shades that we found in a tucked away store in Far East Plaza.
I’ve always found it saddening when I know the amount of straight people going to events like these to stand up for our gay pride, when the many gays I know are cowering away in fear.

Pink Dot’s not a massive orgy of fear, eyes shifting around to avoid past flings and exboyfriends, or the fear of inadequacy in the eyes of your own population. The people may have been dressed in Pink, but Looking around, all the shapes and sizes, designs and decorations, you can’t help but feel closer to a rainbow than just shades of pink. I just felt happy with ALL the different types of people coming together. It don’t matter if your hair was out of place or if it was too hot in there.
Afterall, from far away, we are a one pink dot.


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