"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

My First Music Video

Directed by Joshua Gez
Produced by Sean Ho Wei Qing
Camerawork by Joshua Gez, Ian Koh, Ian Arvin Weerasekera
Edited by Joshua Simon
Performed by Zef Ling, Rachel Low, Daryl Sin, Brigette Juliet Hoo
Supported by Blackmarket Singapore, Supperclub, Silk Club
Special Thanks to Tony Kern, Raudha Raily, Jeri Soh, Gerald Ho, Nikki & Grace, Ivan & Naresh and Nesrine & Latifa

Introduction: Bad Romance/Alejandro (Piano Version)
Song: Born This Way/Bad Romance (Rock Version)
Interlude: Aerodynamic
Song: Abracadabra/Telephone, 4 Minutes/Poker Face
Interlude: Uncovered
Song: Tik Tok/Telephone/Boom Boom Pow/I Gotta Feeling

This video came to life with the resources and efforts from our pockets and hearts, I hope it entertains you and gets you out of your seat to go make one of your own too.

Share this crazy video and let’s take this lollipop of a globe by storm.


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