"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

Break Some Dishes

Someday I'mma catapult across and break you pigs

Like the little kid that looks into the mirror and scrutinizes him/herself
Picking at the bridge of the nose and questioning the very curve of his/her intentions to bare teeth in smile

Singapore judges itself and its judgement, despises its own kind and brand

Take a little trip to http://www.stomp.com.sg and you’ll find someone familiar there
But with it, brace yourself for the very unfamiliar hating citizens of the nation that could very well just be the ordinary guy or girl sitting beside you on a train. The very same cell contributing to the self-hating netizen of Singapore.

Someday I’m gonna break that mirror and shed some light into this rhythm nation of a red dot.

You’ve got so much potential.

Like Roman to Nicki… I think something in me is brewing and this… spawn is not gonna say very nice things when he breaks glass in the future.


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