"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

Hate To Hate/Head To Head

Everytime someone gives a shit about the world. It invites apathy. That’s right. People who dont give a shit, to go up to you and TELL you that they dont give a shit.

But Joshua! What’s the point! The fights will never end! Why do u even bother and care so much about the world?!


No it’s not gonna change. It’s never gonna change till someone of higher being intervenes. Humans aren’t capable of perfect peace. We will keep ripping each other apart till we’re all dead, that’s the of course, other solution.

Now believing, is about keeping that little humanity in you left. I for one, will never let that go. So yeah, I care about the world. The world don’t care about me? Sure what’s new. But I care. Care care care till Im a corpse. That’s my prerogative. And im happy that I’m strong enough to say that. Coz it’s really the easiest thing to put a bullet to my own head.

Bullets on the ground


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