"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

The Most Beautiful Celebrities I’ve Ever Seen

This is a list of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever seen, there are many like this list, but this list is mine.
You can’t go wrong when you’ve got a madlovin’ bisexual like me working on this list.
I love everyone so

 Rose McGowan.
I had the biggest crush on her growing up and I still think she’s one of the most underrated actresses of all time. 
Rose played Paige in Charmed, Tatum in Wes Craven’s Scream, Cherry Darling in Grindhouse:Planet Terror and she was also in Jawbreakers, Phantoms and the Doom Generation.

 Nicole Kidman
“Beautiful Bonestructure”, quipped co-star Billy Zane in 1989’s Dead Calm
People complain about the botox, I think it worked for her role in the Stepford Wives, and I’ve no problem with Nicole Stepford.
Nicole Kidman illuminates every scene she steps into.
She’s a goddess on the red carpet and so hard to look away from on screen.
Check out her performance in Moulin Rouge!, Dogville, The Hours, Eyes Wide Shut and The Others

Uma Thurman
Out from the dizzy mess of Joel Shumacher’s Batman & Robin, climbed the sill seductive Poison Ivy that had me thinking dirty thoughts ahead of my time.
I was 7 when I saw Uma Thurman in that thorny outfit.
I was 15 when I fell in love with her samurai sword wielding in Kill Bill.
One day I will meet her and faint miserably

Janet Jackson
One of the most iconic sex symbols in pop culture, Janet slinks into the most bare of outfits and whispers like an out of course siren in her ‘baby-making’ tunes on her albums.
What’s sexy to me about this woman is actually how her weight goes up & down, and she’s still always ever confident, loving and undeniably beautiful.
She’s one of the sweetest and softest women you’ll ever meet in the industry, then all of a sudden, dominating once she decides to wipe the nasty and take you under her control.

Penélope Cruz
Oh boy, have you seen this woman? No have you looked at her face, and her body, and wait wait hold up, have you heard her speak?
She made foreign films a hobby for american men.
I just wanna lie down on her lap and have her just read the dictionary to me as she feeds me grapes.

 Agyness Deyn
If fashion designers had a secret lab underground Milan Fashionweek, Agyness Deyn would’ve been their finest experimental births.
Known as the next ‘great supermodel’ with her cropped blonde hair, blue eyes and piercing features, she never lets the clothes just wear her.
It’s almost like everything she puts on were meant for her draping.

How can this list not include this woman. How can any list for that matter not include Madonna!
This chameleon is the finest shapeshifter and churner of art this world has ever seen. She knows her fashion, she knows her music, she knows the works, she doesn’t really know film… but hey she makes some of the most iconic music videos. Madonna is beautiful in her strength and an example of the extent a woman can go to get what she wants.

Aishwarya Rai
God did not make a single mistake when he made Aishwarya Rai.
One of the most sought after actresses in India’s Film History, she’s practically royalty.
If you haven’t seen her interview with David Letterman, you should get ready to step out of the hollywood fluff and discover the wit this woman has.
She kept her virginity for marriage, holds strong her family values and puts religion, love, art and education close to her heart.
Did you know she studied to architecture?
Do not mess with this spice girl

Kaya Scodelario
The British venus flytrap of her generation, stunning and mysterious, this girl knows she’s beautiful and seeks for more than just that.
Kaya is the most unforgettable cast member of the E4 SKiNS series leaving her lip stick stained impact on all 4 of its seasons.

Angelina Jolie
You knew this was coming, and I had to give it to you. Don’t expect Megan Fox here though, I’m not that kind.
Angelina Jolie can make a film without touching a camera. She just needs to stand infront of it, deliver a few poses and you’ve got yourself a hit.
But no, this woman works triple ten times hard. She does her own stunts. She turns herself into an amazon like action hero.
She knows how to tap into her psyches for emotional roles.
Put the photo down and slap yourself if you haven’t seen Changeling, The Bone Collector, Girl Interrupted, Salt, Wanted, Lara Croft:Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith and Gone In Sixty Seconds

Emma Watson
No wizard has charmed me so, that even till today I am convinced that I will marry her.
I will marry Emma Watson.
If you don’t know who she is… good.

Bette Davis
I can’t stop looking at this woman… dangerously alluring.
Known for her unsympathetic roles, Bette Davis is ranked the 2nd greatest film star of all-time
Blondie‘s now iconic lyric, “She’s got Bette Davis eyes”, has to be used selectively, this woman is indeed one of a kind.
Check out her performance in the 1950 Oscar winning film, All About Eve

 Gong Li
Can you believe this woman is above 40? Asian is the elixer of life. She doesn’t look a day over her Red Lantern days.
The established actress is known the most beautiful woman in China.
“For me, the beauty of a person is a matter of the whole package. You have to look at the whole thing”

Lady Gaga
Does being a popstar mean that you have to run down the beach with flopping coconut tits and long blonde hair with wet sand stuck to it? Must a popstar then strip as her backup dancers cover the stage and she gets ready to lip synch another hour into a tour? No. While most of my picks here are beauty in the superificial, beauty in the culture, beauty in the will and confidence, I place Lady Gaga in the Beauty of Imagination and Creative Execution. You can’t deny it. She’s born this way, that way and in every way impropossible.

Kate Winslet
Rose-y. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Kate Winslet’s beauty.
Feisty. That’s what you get when you throw her on screen.
She’s not afraid to hock-a-loogie on the ship of dreams, dye her hair from a kindergarden paint palette or read the reader.
And those amazing locks of red hair… She is to me, the sexiest woman alive.
I just need to stare at for about 3 seconds, max, and I’d have like…10 kids in a heartbeat.

Trish Stratus
The defininite female wrestler that had me spend hundreds on buying every single video of her matches. I’d wait for hours just to see her fight, or have a glimpse of her backstage.
This was how straight obsessedI was. The canadian doll grew out of the dumb blonde image when she first showed up with Test & Albert, and became the Female Chamion when she beat everyone in a 6 women tag-team match. I remember everything. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as a kid, and the first one to make me woo hoo!
You know the American Dream kinda girl, yeah she was it for me.

Britney Spears
Now Britney is in a beauty category that’s a little unorthodox. Hear this, she’s someone I categorize as the Most Beautiful Canvas to Photoshop. She often looks a mess in real life, even when she’s cleaning up. But when it comes to those photo shoots, boy oh boy, even the fan-fiction designs of her is almost flawless. She’s modern pop art. She’s Marilyn Monroe in different hue, yes that’s art, kind of beauty.

Queen Latifah
Oh! You know I had to. She’s the queen bee, she’s the hive, she’s the honey, she’s the money buyin’ the jar from the confectionary.
She’s Queen Latifah baby. Size does matter, she is large in b.e.a.uty full of it and then some.
The obsession I have with Queen Latifah, is quite cannibalistic.
And if you don’t get it, she can get you executed for all I care

Patricia Mok
If I had to pick the most beautiful woman in Singapore, it’d be Patricia Mok.
I have good taste, now pick up your jaw and stay with me.
She has the most unique face you’ll ever see in Singapore. She has got the craziest most outrageous personality.
She’s not afraid.
And for those who are…
She kinda does look like that demon warrior in the Mortal Kombat games, Mileena.
You can’t help but just watch this woman.
I call beautiful.

Now let’s dig deep into the primordial soup and dish out the MEN…


Mitch Hewer
The hottest character in E4’s hit Tv Series, SKiNS, is undoubtly the openly gay Maxxie, played by Mitch Hewer. This dude’s not only an amazing dancer on the show, he leaves you breathless with whatever screen time he’s given–which isn’t much, meaning you have to make friends with your pause button. Every frame needs a bowl for your saliva. I filled 3 jugs. Oh! and I have him on Facebook =)

Teppei Koike
One half of the famous pop duo, WaT, Japanese singer and actor Teppei Koike is the cutest manboy you’ll ever find. Anywhere.
He’s got this squeaky little anime voice to go along too.
…maybe he can just be your little brother.

Michael Jackson
Back in the day, Michael was black. He was also one of the handsomest men women of any color had seen.
He was the rarest human with some of the most unique physical, psychological and emotional rollercoaster rides.
Beauty in individuality

Adrian Brody
Am I the only one here who thinks Adrien Brody has the most amazing nose? This is the only reason he’s here. I’m not even gonna talk about the movies, which were great, but really 16:9, I was just staring at his nose.
I love his nose. It’s one of the sexy detective fetishes I probably picked up unknowingly when I was a kid, are you with me on this? Anyone? Oh well, it’s my list and the nose guy gets a spot.

David Beckham
He can bend my balls anytime. Yes I said it.
Mr. Beckham, let’s say his name again, Mister Beckham, has made it okay for the average joe to decide to be metrosexual.
He’s open the closets for many men and have made women pee at tea.
He’s gorgeous, let’s leave it at that. Have you seen his tattoos? I’d get one right now, let’s get 10, and it still won’t look half as good as it is inked on that body.
He’s a charming lad that never seems to age. I was gonna put Brad Pitt in here but David showed up and all is forgotten.

Takeshi Kaneshiro
You know all these handsome asian men all look the same? Yes, Takeshi here is common, at best. He’s got all the great things about the common goodlooking, all in one, with Adrian Brody’s nose. I had to go back to that did I? This half Japanese, half Taiwanese has grown into a film star with his good agent picking the cream of the rice crop. He could’ve gone down the road of Japanese drama serials but no, he went through bomb blast after fight scene in flicks like The House of Flying Daggers, Red Cliff and Chungking Express (all critically acclaimed international films). Man’s got the style, you can’t deny that.

 The first time I saw him host as a VJ on MTV Asia, I pretty much threw my remote control away. This thai-chinese charismatic work of art can not only talk, but he models and has the ability to make me
spend half my high school life day dreaming that he’d burst into the lecture hall and escape with me. “No Utt, I can’t leave with you”, I’d murmur with drool down my neck. It was tuesdays for me.
I was very stunned when Utt sent me a little message on my Facebook, when I sent him my I GOTTA TIK TOK TELEPHONE cover! He really liked it… now… I just need something to make him love me.
One day…just wait.

Surrounded by such beauty, I am as well graced with the presence of your gorgeous eyes viewing my blogpost entry.
Remember that beauty can come from everywhere
Beauty can be in your work ethic, your creativity, your hardwork, your cause, your tits, your wits and your surgeon.
Open your eyes and suck it in, suck it all in

XXXO, I love you so


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  1. OMG! UTT!! he’s sooo gorgeous!! i constantly keep thinking he’s like barely above 20… Why aren’t we born that gorgeous!!!

    December 23, 2010 at 10:38 am

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