"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"

When Zombies, Soldier Ghouls & Devils Meet



Being a huge fan of the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, from the video games to the movies, this blockbuster hit me like an adrenaline shot. T-Virus in 3D, here I come.
Resident Evil 4: Afterlife is absolutely… retarded in every aspect. The first 15 minutes of the movie will make the Wachowski Brothers commit suicide over & over again (in slow motion of course). Most of the movie is borrowed material from the Resident Evil 5 game (which is the most successful unit of the series, so why not). The girls are hotter and more impossible to believe, the zombies run faster but they also die faster, the bosses are more elaborate, the set designs are breathtaking (with its last quarter similar to the visuals of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance) and the budget is much higher than ever before (did you know that the box-office results actually increase with each installment, very rare for sequels)
I loved it. I had a blast watching it. I just have this film fetish for girls that kick ass. I watched CATWOMAN about 45 times (well aware of how atrocious the kitty litter was). CHARLIE’S ANGELS, LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER, UNDERWORLD, DEAD OR ALIVE:DOA, were all excellent pieces of cinema in the opinion of my testosterone. Resident Evil: Afterlife is the most refreshing of all the movies, it’s beautiful to watch in 3-D, it’s so ridiculous that you’ll just start to love it. Come on, were you expecting George A.Romero material in this movie franchise? No, this shit’s Paul. W Anderson & Milla Jovovich.
It’s expensive fun, but fun nonetheless.

Haunted Changi


Every year I pick about 2 horror films that ace in either being absolutely terrifying, or fiendishly entertaining. I’m a huge horror film buff and boy was I blown away by HAUNTED CHANGI. It definitely pays good homage to some of my favorite 1st person seaters (Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, Rec, The Blair Witch Project), but what it brings new to the table is the filmo-photography aspect to its editing which basically glorifies the central character of this movie–the Old Changi Hospital itself, making it one of the most formidable onscreen characters in Singapore Film History.

My biggest worry about the narrative, was that the crew-crew behind this movie wouldn’t know how to utilize effective scares to carry this horror film from scene to scene. Now that’s where I was surprised the most and of course, leading to the most rewarding aspect of watching this movie. I was spooked. I literally had me turning around to avoid some sticky presence around me that seemed to enjoy popcorn watching this movie with me. Why? Apart from our beautiful “Silent Hill“ish nightmare hospital that by scene 4 we were immersed in, the claustrophobia and paranoia in this film made me shiver.
I gave this movie 7 is for how strong Team Haunted Changi and its fans are going at it since its marketing. You guys have fought so hard and like many Singaporeans that are just anticipating a fall and failure of their own products, I was wrong. I would love to bash this film up like I do everytime I give Jack Neo a chance, but this movie knocked the wind out of me. Singapore before you slam another good film, take a step back and realize how you’re not contributing AT ALL. Japan & Korea started out step by step to get to where they are, so now crushing your own industry and complaining about it, is digging your own filmograve.
I just heard the Old Changi Hospital site is now officially locked off.
Don’t let your own movie industry be the next thing sealed off.


M. Night Shyamalan is one of my favorite directors. He’s got films in his belt that will stay with us throughout history (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable). He’s made movies that everybody’s seen & hate, but I love (The Village, Signs, Lady In The Water). And he’s also made movies that have made you wanna pick up a fork and jab him between the eyes with (The Happening, The Last Airbender). Love him or hate him, you’ve paid good money to watch his work.
Here comes DEVIL, the return of Shyamalan to the job he does best (don’t look at me Dev Patel), a citrus twist and queasy suspense. Though M.Night decided to take a vacay and leave another to direct, his presence is easily felt throughout the movie.
Just like the constant blackouts that occurr in the elevator, we’re left with very little time to connect with our characters. In other words, we don’t know who’s gonna die next, and we don’t really care who’s gonna die next. The film gets a tad preachy and melodramatic with our protagonist constantly revisiting the passing of his wife and kid which haunts him.
The characters aren’t pretty but they make up for it with their elaborate death scenes. This film succeeds in its shock-value, it’s full of it. If you’re looking for a very uncomfortable after-experience when you take your elevator home, this movie is for you.


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