"It's my belief, that inside of us lies a little piece of Heaven in Disguise"


Versace X H&M

So, the love of my life is studying hard for his exams in NUS.

I decide to queue for him outside H&M for 12 hours overnight to get him every piece from the collection that he’s been gushing over the months before.
I had never queued this long for anything but I did it. I made friends and went crazy grabbin’ and gettin’ everything. Hectic and a whole lotta fun.
The best bit was being the second group of 20 to go in, that was big, coz that way I stood a chance and it made the 12 hours before worth it.
Baby came home from his exams in shock and that look on his face was p-riceless.

Never gon’ happen again though.
Next time he queues for my Playstation game.

The Fame

Celebrities complain about how alone they feel.
Well, they should step into everybody else’s shoes.
Hell we not only alone, we broke too.

The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard about the 80/20 rule?

In every relationship, you’re only gonna get about 80% out of it.
No matter how much you love and give, that’s what you get.

Now midway through it’s inevitable when you get¬†comfortable,
to be curious and think about that hot guy/girl walkin’ down the street offering that extra 20% of fun that you’re missing.

You start hitting the gym again and eating right, getting your hair done #montage

But remember that you’ll end up losing your 80 for a 20.
And that’s all you’re gonna be left with when the love of your life walks out on you for what you did wrong.
B faithful.


Next year, there’ll be a 12/12/12, happenin’ once in a thousand years.
But there will never be a 13/13/13 ever.
So make it happen, next year.
Tonight, just chill ūüôā

A Very Gory Halloween

ABOVE: This is the first time experimenting with prosthetics and I had such a gory good time with it ūüôā
Recipe: 6 Tablespoons of Tapioca Flour and 1 cup of cold water (low heat and keep stirring for 2 minutes)
Voila, cheap and easy to make prosthetics.
Then I used 2 shades of red, one of them paint, the other made from Corn Starch and Red Dye.
And the key is black paint for the shadows.
Tooth picks help to create pocket holes of skin and controls the prosthetics alot better too.

The effects may be elaborate, but I had a simple Halloween at China town wit some friends.
I really like Halloween.
Just watching people dress up as something they’re not, then see them revert back to normal makes me think…
How often do these creative people get a chance to go nuts like that?
Tell that to¬†Dad &¬†Mom, they still… don’t get it.

BELOW: Here are some of my favorite Halloween get ups I’ve seen around me¬†this year. Beautiful freaks.

BELOW: Nothin’ beats the undisputed Queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, arriving at her annual legendary party.

My Favorite Albums of All-Time

Good Bad Boys Gone Bad

Pop Culture glorifies people who play it BAD.
Bad Boys and Good Girls that go Bad–Mm papi so sexy right?

Ok, real world.
This is not a bad boy we’re talking about here.
… … He’s just an asshole.
And if you spend time with an asshole, you have no self respect.
There’s nothing cool bout being in love with a Judas.
The song ends at the 3 minute mark and you need to start living right after.
Get rid of the bad boys and bad girls in your life.

Your bestfriend probably has had like a crush on you since forever

One of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said to me…

¬†I’m organizing a prison break. We gotta first get out of this house. Then this street. And then the country.
We’ll get plane tickets. One way.
Pack a bag of your most comfortable clothes, and bring your music.
We’ll leave our phones and our past behind.
Are you in?

Not Another Nightmare

The airconditioner was on and I hit the floor with my pillow all ready for a little nap. I had slept that same spot over and over for months and I could always fall asleep real easy there.
Today… that did not happen.
I tossed and turned for an hour trying to get to sleep and I just couldn’t.
I just had this underlying fear of… something in the room, I don’t know how to explain it. But I really wanted someone around.
So I called 2 of my friends in and they slept a few feet from me.

I sank into a thought midway through my sleep.
Someone had closed the door to the classroom and, I was pulled across the room into a corner of darkness.
Now I said ‘thought’ and not dream because, it felt like the entire sequence happened in a second.
And I still felt like I hadn’t fallen asleep yet.
The room had gotten colder, so I tuck my arms into my shirt, making it feel like a snug sleeping bag.

An hour passed and I woke up… feeling like there was a very tall presence learing at me from behind my head.
I froze, shut my eyes and saw a pair of eyes form in my head.
I turned my head to the door to see it…shut. someone had indeed now shut the door.
I called out to my friends but instead of a sound, I was croaking. My vocal chords were almost crushed and nothing came out.
I gasped and tried harder and harder. Nothing.
I struggled to move but my arms were trapped in my shirt.
I tried one last time. I enunciated a groan, out hoping that it would form the name of my friend.

A faint but familiar laugh traveled into the room.
The door was open now, but no one was there.
I called out. My voice was back.
I ran over to see my friends in the other room, playing a computer game.

“Seriously you guys I was calling you didn’t you hear me?”

I was not happy. Even as I stood right infront of them, their attention was still on Metal Slug 5.
I tried telling them what happened but they just brushed it off. No one believed me.
I spoke to someone else and he said it’s this thing called Sleep Paralysis.
It leaves you half-asleep, half-conscious.

Maybe it was sleep paralysis. Maybe it was something else.
I don’t know but… surprisingly I remember not being as freaked out as I’d be in say, a horror movie.
I felt calm when it happened. And just focused on getting help.
Has this ever happen to you?
What do you guys think?

Do I Trust The Critics or the Smurfs?

Best Movies In Cinemas Now:
Contagion. Crazy Stupid Love. I Saw The Devil. Tree of Life.

Decent Flicks Worth A Ticket:
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Fright Night. Chalet Girl.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You But Oops You’ve Already Gotten A Ticket So:
The Smurfs. I Don’t Know How She Does It. A Little Bit of Heaven. Abduction. Johnny English:Reborn.